Friday, February 21, 2003

My Recorded 55 minute Presentation, " Flash for CFers: Getting Over the Hump"

I've recorded my user group presentation, "Flash for CFers: Getting Over the Hump" which is an hour-long introduction to CF and Flash integration for folks who have no prior Flash experience. I address why it's a great challenge for folks to get into it on their own if they don't find just the right resources, and I point you to those as well as show some simple demonstration apps folks have done and point you to many resources for learning more. I also walk through a simple example as explained in more detail by an article I point you to.

User groups can offer this as a presentation at their events without needing to worry about having FlashCom Server, etc. Just download the file (44 megs even if it's zipped) and play it from our laptop at your event. You'll want to use the Camtasia player to show it, even thought it's an AVI that shows in Windows Media Player. It just shows better in the Camtasia player. Because it's a Camtasia recording, it's more than just audio over a powerpoint. I also swap between showing running examples and going into code in both Flash MX and Dreamweaver. The player is available at

Thanks to Doug White of the San Antonio CFUG for hosting the file there. It's available at I highly recommend that you not just click the link here. Instead, right-click and save it to a local file on your system. It's a 44 meg file so it may take a while, even on a high speed line. But I think you'll find it worth the wait! Once it's saved locally, then load it with the Camtasia player offered above. If you just left-click the link to the AVI, you'll likely cause it to be saved to a temp file on your system which will then launch Windows Media Player instead (assuming it's installed). That will play, but the WMP isn't nearly as good playing Camtasia files as the Camtasia Player. Plus, if you left-click the file to launch it here, when the WMP is done with it, it will likely delete it. So, again, save it first, then play it.

The PDF of the powerpoint slides is also available on my site. You'll want to print those out (it's saved as 6 slides to a page) and hand them out, since I offer a lot of URLs for various resources.

I'm working on a mechanism to allow the movie to be played via streaming (using FlashCom Server), so that you don't need to download it in order to play it. While that's more suitable for reviewing it to decide if you want to use it, I'd recommend that you not rely on that approach at your event (you could have problems with your net connection, or my Flashcom server could go down or be maxed out for connections). I'll post the link here to view it that way soon, but I highly recommend that you download the AVI and Camtasia player instead. It's also much nicer looking than the compressed Flash movie. Again, I'm constantly working to refine all these processes and options and will report any updates.

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