Saturday, July 08, 2006

CFMXPlus fans: I'm now blogging at

For those reading my blog, I should update you that I have news since my previous post below, written nearly 3 years ago exactly. :-) At that time, I was announcing that I'd joined New Atlanta.

But this April (2006) I announced that I had left that role but forgot to indicate that here on cfmxplus.

I've also created a new site, called, and I'll be blogging there. I'm not sure if I'll keep blogging here (blogspot and blogger are great services), or if I'll do all my blogging on We shall see. But at least those visiting here will know the scoop.

And as I said below, either way I will keep this blog open as it still gets a lot of traffic due to the content that's been here so long. Cheers.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Check out my new blog,

Folks, after posting here at for over a year, I've now created a new blog, While it's focused primarily on BlueDragon (given my role as CTO of New Atlanta and chief evangelist for BlueDragon), it will of course offer tips of value to all CFML developers. As such, I'll not likely be updating this blog too often anymore.

But I will leave it for posterity, since I know it's linked to by so many. And it's also rich with hundreds of valuable CFML tips (of value to both CFMX and BlueDragon and even CF 4/5 developers). So enjoy it, and if you like the kinds of tips I offer, come on over to the new blog.

I'll add that the blogging tool there at (which happens to run atop BlueDragon I might add) is really well done, and there are lots of features there that I didn't have here at blogger/blogspot, including a calendar interface and lots more.

Indeed, with the ability to group/categorize blog entries, I'll be able to mark which blog entries are of generic value to all CFML developers, so that you can (if you're bent on it) ignore the BlueDragon posts. Still, I'd hope you'd go ahead and read those BlueDragon posts. It's a really cool environment and a great solution to many problems for CFML developers. Since you can run both CF and BD at the same time, why not give it a try?

And for those of you who've bookmarked CFMXPlus, or who are getting RSS feeds, please consider doing the same with the new blog. I think you'll find it worthwhile. I tell you how to get the RSS feed in one of the blog entries, and I'm working to make it still better than it is at present.

And I'll "see you on the flip side".


Friday, June 06, 2003

Having problems with CFMX not starting on reboot?

Lots of folks (myself included) have reported problems with CFMX not starting when we reboot our machines. Indeed, there has been a vigorous discussion of the issue on CF-Talk June 6 (tried to publish this blog item then but for some reason it didn't take).

Anyway, Dan Switzer offered a solution that has worked (most of the time) for me. See his blog entry of 4/17/03. Great stuff, Dan.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Various caching articles at MM CF support site

I also just happened along a page at the MM CF support site that lists several articles focusing on various ways of doing caching in CFML. Check it out.