Friday, August 02, 2002

More CFMX Hosting Alternatives

For those who can't yet run CFMX in producton (or perhaps even test) but are open to putting your code on a hosting provider, I mentioned a free one in my first blog entry on 6/27. That's limited for non-production use.

Here is at least one provider offering an inexpensive plan (CrystalTech and their "plan 1") for hosted CFMX services: As I learn of others, I'll update this list (at least while it's novel to find such providers).

Of course, one tends to get what one pays for. For 19.95, the features seem very compelling. Just beware in shared hosting situations about who else is on your box, and how many other sites (and how many visitors to those), as well as support issues (including tech support, control over your resources, security to protect you from others on the server, etc.). But then, sometimes people have problems with expensive services, so price really isn't always a good gauge.

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