Thursday, August 22, 2002

Series of Articles on MVC and CF: and a proposed new design approach, MVCF

If you're interested in the subject of applying MVC design approaches to CFMX, you should check out Even if you're new to the idea, it's worth a read to get you thinking.

That's not Ben Forta but Ben(oit) Hediard, of France, who has documented via a series of 10 articles (at that site) his offering of a way to leverage features of CFMX to do MVC-style development. He uses CFCs, WDDX, CFIMPORT of CF custom tags, UDFs, and a few other features that might intrigue many. He's even now come to refer to it as MVCF, and is proposing the ideas as an alternative framework.

I know that alone should peak the interest of many (one man's framework is another man's call to battle). I'd certainly look forward to comments from those with both more experience with the approaches he uses (to see if he says anything you'd argue against) and those with less experience with them (to see if his presentation gives you useful ideas to explore).

Pardon his grammar, as he's not a native speaker. (Actually, he quickly accepted some grammar and typo suggestions I offered to improve things about the first few pages I had read when he first posted it.) I've shared some additional observations of how to make the presentation even more useful, especially to relative newcomers to CFMX and/or MVC and some of the other approaches he's demonstrating. In a couple of places he leaves some things unsaid presuming that you're following it all. But it's definitely something that many people can take as a ball to run with, as is. Some very interesting application of things in CFMX.

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