Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Finally, an HTML-only CF PetMarket

A new article on the Macromedia DesDev center announced that there's an HTML-only version of the demonstration PetMarket application. The Flash one was impressive, but for an apples to apples comparison with the Java PetStore and .NET Pet Shop, this is the one I've longed for.

And great news: the CF version takes just 20 templates and about 1500 lines. The J2EE one is a staggering 14,273 lines and even the .NET one is 3,484. Put that in folks pipes to smoke! Of course, some will complain that lines of code is no way to measure the efficacy of an application, yadda yadda yadda. Hey, we all know that CF can just kick butt when it comes to doing things in fewer lines of code, and anyone who's created J2EE apps or even just tried to get started is not surprised by this nearly 10:1 ratio.

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