Monday, February 03, 2003

Tapping into Vern's Old Blog

Most of you know that Vernon Viehe was Macromedia's Community Manager for ColdFusion throughout most of 2002, and he had a blog at Sadly, the blog is closed. While the old blogspot archives are there if you know how to find them, you have to know how to find the archive links, and even then they're weekly. You could also do a Google search for the cached pages, but all that's a hassle.

Instead, and in honor of his contributions, I've gathered them all up here into 3 quarterly installments on my site, at Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to benefit from any of the tips he'd offered that are still timely.

We'll all miss you, Vern.

BTW, folks are indeed still finding Vern's blog through various means, as shown by the fact that his SiteMeter tracking mechanism is still showing visits of a few hundred per week, so people are indeed finding them. I only hope this will help some find them more easily. Also, if those blogspot archives ever are removed, this has captured the information for posterity (well, at least as long as is around!).

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