Monday, April 07, 2003

Highlights of what's new and different in the CFMX Updater 3

Folks, for those interested in an overview of what's new and different in the new CFMX updater 3 (discussed in a few recent entries here), I've put together an article for the May CFDJ. Until that comes out, you can read a preview of it at my "previews" site. There's really quite a lot to this updater and some changes that may surprise you. Indeed, even the previous two updaters may have made changes you didn't know about. I highlight those as well. In fact, if you don't know what release you're running, see the code offered there for telling you.

BTW, if you visit the page and the article, "CFMX Updaters, 1-2-3", is no longer there, it's because it's now available online and as I point out on the previews page, you can find all such articles at

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