Tuesday, May 13, 2003

"ColdFusion MX Bible" getting great early reviews

Folks, some of you know that I was a co-author of the new ColdFusion MX Bible, from Wiley (the same folks and in the same style as the JavaScript, Flash, and other Bibles), along with my esteemed colleagues Adam and David Churvis and Hal Helms.

There have been some very good early reviews at the Amazon site for the book. I'll admit I've been reluctant to say much about it since (like a movie) you never really know how such things will turn out once through production. I've still not been able to read it yet myself (publisher has been held up in delivering our review copies, and it's too new to be in many bookstores). I was, of course, worried that perhaps the world didn't need "yet another CF book". The reviews here suggest that we may well have struck a chord in the otherwise crowded market.

With many other excellent books by folks I admire and respect, that word from the reading public is certainly very heartwarming to hear. Then again, we can't judge the overall reaction by just these first couple of reviews. I know we can't have pleased everyone. But I thought I'd share this word of early good news. If you're looking for a book on CFMX and more (just like the name of this blog), check it out.

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