Saturday, July 08, 2006

CFMXPlus fans: I'm now blogging at

For those reading my blog, I should update you that I have news since my previous post below, written nearly 3 years ago exactly. :-) At that time, I was announcing that I'd joined New Atlanta.

But this April (2006) I announced that I had left that role but forgot to indicate that here on cfmxplus.

I've also created a new site, called, and I'll be blogging there. I'm not sure if I'll keep blogging here (blogspot and blogger are great services), or if I'll do all my blogging on We shall see. But at least those visiting here will know the scoop.

And as I said below, either way I will keep this blog open as it still gets a lot of traffic due to the content that's been here so long. Cheers.

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