Thursday, December 05, 2002

Still want to buy CF 5? You can

Some have complained that they have clients who wish they could buy CF 5 while they wait to move up to CFMX. You can. Macromedia is currently still selling the professional and enterprise editions. Each is available with a subscription (only $320 more in the Pro edition) giving you upgrades to MX and whatever may come in the next 2 years.

Precompile problem solved

Folks, some of you may have been following a saga of where I had found that using the -f directive in the precompile.bat was failing as of updater 1. No one could seem to put a finger on it. I did a little poking around and finally uncovered the issue:


I offered some info here on 12/5 about this being a 1.4 jvm problem, and suggesting you look to the cfusion\runtime\bin to find that version. After further review, that was just flat wrong and some mistaken assumptions on my part. I did a lot of digging and offer the correction above on a 12/10 entry. Let's just forget I brought this other stuff up. I've deleted it.

Monday, December 02, 2002

New look for my blog

After something in the BlogSpot or Blogger software caused my blog to lose its archive links, the search feature, and some other features, I decided to just ditch the old template/look and picked this new one. The new look has a couple of useful features, including the ability for you to choose whether to open links in a new window as well as to increase/decrease the font size. Better still, the new template/look is better suited to the larger amount of text typical in my blog entries. Hope it meets favor. I'm open to feedback.

Update: After some comments against the first updated version's changing colors (something it came built-in with and I couldn't control without changing a lot of code), I just decided to change templates. One thing I notice with this one, and perhaps it was an issue in the old one as well, is that it doesn't show the list of archive links for Netscape users. That's too bad. I've reported it to the blogger folks for them to track down. In the meantime, Netscape users can find a list of the links at