Friday, September 13, 2002

Beware of case in calling Java CFX custom tags

When calling a Java CFX custom tag in CFMX, it is now critical that the case of the tagname in the call to the tag (as in ) match the actual case of the tag as defined in the CF Administrator. This is a change of behavior from CF5 and is not mentioned in the docs on calling Java CFX custom tags (Chapter 12 of the "Developing ColdFusion MX Applications with CFML" book).

While it has indeed always been true in 4.52, 5, and MX that the case of the classname as specified in the Administrator had to match the name of the actual .class file, you could use any case for the call to the custom tag as in . Now, the case of the call must match the name specified in the Administrator as well. This could cause a problem for old code during migration, especially for any situations where the same tag is called using different "case" in multiple templates.

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