Sunday, September 08, 2002

Restarting the CFMX Service

Many may know that when starting and stopping services in Win2k and WinXP, there are a set of buttons at the top of the Services window similar to stop (square) and play (sideways triangle) buttons on a VCR. Some maybe hadn't noticed that there's also an icon that combines them both, effecting a "restart service" in a single step, with a combination of a square and a triangle as its icon.

But as nifty as that "restart" button is, I've found that sometimes trying to use it with CFMX has caused problems. Sometimes the process of stopping and then starting the service takes quite a while, and It seems that perhaps there's a time limit that that restart interface is willing to wait before complaining that it took too long. I could be wrong. But I've gone to using the stop and then start buttons instead and it seems to have helped. Still, it's occasionally still taking too long to start the service and still the OS complains that it couldn't start it.

I've recently switched to using the command line "net stop" and "net start" commands instead, in the hopes that there's no time limit in their responding. For those not familiar with this, you can run the following from the command line, or create a shortcut or batch file, executing the following lines:

net start "ColdFusion MX Application Server"


net stop "ColdFusion MX Application Server"

I'll see if this stops the problem of having the other start/stop approach seemingly timeout.

If anyone has more information about this apparent timeout challenge, let me know.

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