Friday, September 06, 2002

Understanding and Setting up Resource/Sandbox Security

If you've wondered about CFMX's new Resource/Sandbox security feature--or especially if you have no idea what it is, or think it doesn't apply to you, you should check out my two articles just posted in the new Macromedia Security Development Center. I think every developer and administrator ought to understand these features, as well as know the difference between Resource Security (in Professional) and Sandbox Security (in Enterprise).

It's all much more straightforward than Advanced Security was in CF4 and 5. Plus, it extends greatly what Basic Security offered in those releases.

Plus, beware that if you had setting for Basic Security in CF4 or 5, those are NOT automatically migrated into the new security controls in CFMX. You have to create the controls anew in CFMX. The articles fully explain how to understand and setup these new features.

The articles titles are:

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