Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Using JSP Custom Tags in CFMX: Why You Should Care

In ColdFusion MX, it's now possible to use JSP custom tags. But what does that mean to you? Well, you don't need to know Java (nor understand JSPs) in order to use tags. They're very easy to use, and libraries with hundreds of them are available to the JSP world.

There may be solutions that you could use that have been created as JSP custom tags, and they're very easily made available to you in CFMX in just a few simple steps.

I explained this in my May 2002 CFDJ article, "Using JSP Custom Tags in CFMX: What, Why, and How ". You can read it, and all my articles, online at http://www.systemanage.com/cff/articles.cfm.

I also will be covering the topic in my Macromedia DevCon talk, "Incorporating JSP Custom Tags Into Your ColdFusion Apps" (http://www.macromedia.com/v1/conference/ConferenceProgramDetails.cfm#SS314W.

I'll also post a couple of specific and interesting examples in later blog entries. Finally, one of those will also leverage a couple of very unheralded features in CFMX which comes to us by way of the underlying J2EE server: filters and session event handlers.

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