Friday, October 04, 2002

Get CFMX Version of the CFML Reference to Studio and HomeSite+ Help Tab

If you're running CF4.5 or 5 of Studio, you may be interested in having the CFMX version of the CFML Reference available in the Help Reference Tab in Studio (Help>Help References Window). Also, folks running HomeSite+ may have noticed that there, too, the help reference doesn't include any CF manuals at all. Grr.

(I'm not referring here to the help shown when you press F1 on a tag or function, but instead the actual help tab listing several available books.)

Macromedia has solved the problem, at least a little. You can go to and download a zip file. Follow the instructions in the CFMLRef_install.txt file on where to install it and optionally how to improve its appearance inside the help tab once installed (by editing the booktree.xml file it talks about). This will cause you to have the CFMX version of the CFML Reference manual available in the help, but not the other CFMX manuals.

While the instructions apply to HomeSite+, they're equally applicable to previous releases of HomeSite and Studio. Try it!

BTW, if you're still using Studio 4.5 or 5 and want to update those, such as to add patches that came out after the product's release or to get tag help, insight and completion for CF 5 in Studio 4.5, those are all separate updates. See my blog entry of August 1 for more details.

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