Wednesday, October 09, 2002

New Search Feature for My Blog

You can now search my blog. Been wondering where I talked about how to edit the web.xml file? Or how to make the most of Studio? Or whatever? Now you can find the topic of interest to you. Notice the available "Search" form on the right above the archive links. Go to town!

BTW, I enabled this using Google's feature allowing creation of a search form on my site using their indexed data about my site. See to sign up to allow searching of your own site.

For bloggers, you may wonder how to get your site content searched by google. It won't just find it on its own. I found the solution was to create a page on my site (which is often spidered by Google) that linked back to all archive pages on my blog site. After a few days, Google found that page and began indexing the blog pages.

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