Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Another issue that can challenge DWMX speed for CFers

Continuing the discussion of DWMX speedup opportunities from earlier today, I've learned something interesting. After looking at a sample from someone reporting sever delays, I observed something that definitely explain things for some people. She had reported that a very large file (approx 1000 lines) was taking a long time to load. But anyone opening such a file of HTML content would say it was no problem at all.

The thing is, this was a CF template and the code had several CFQUERY's in it, run conditionally so it's not about doing several at runtime, but still this causes issues for DWMX that one might not anticipate. It tries to load up the bindings tab with each CFQUERY to create what DWMX calls a recordset. It also loads up CFPARAM tags and FORM/CFFORM tags there as well, among other things.

So DWMX is clearly processing the page when it opens it, and with a dynamic page like CF it's going to be looking at the code to figure out things like this. (Indeed, she mentioned having inherited one code sample that had 36 queries in CFSWITCH/CFCASE statements!).

Many will want to point out that such code is itself a source of problems in its design (and she realizes that it's code that will benefit from redesign, especially in CFMX with components), but the bottom line is that there are code examples out there that will indeed suffer during opening in DWMX because of this issue. I didn't find any undue time spent while switching from one file to another, though.

I don't see any feature to get DWMX to no perform this preprocessing. If anyone knows of one, please do share. :-)

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