Monday, November 11, 2002

Look into Macromedia's new tool announced today, Contributor

Could I be the first to blog the link to Macromedia's new product announced today, Contributor. Check it out at I'm sure other bloggers will have much more to say. Of course, some will argue that it's not really something related to CF since it's really just a way to facilitate end-user updating of predominantly static sites.

But it could be used with CF sites, and more important there may be aspects of some sites you build in CF that could perhaps be set back to "static" by enabling update access in Contributor. Also, it has built-in ability to lock out dynamic code like CF (which can be disabled if you desire), so in time it will become more clear how indeed even CFers may find it quite appropriate to use.

One thing to note: the price listed on the FAQ page off that site shows it being $99, but it's not clarified that it's $99 for a client installation of Contribute (in other words, for a contributor), but according to a conference call announcing the product this morning, you can "contribute" to any number of sites from that one license. But this does mean that if you want dozens of people to be contributors, they'd each need a license. See the site for more details (which will hopefully answer any questions we'd all have over time)

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