Monday, November 25, 2002

Ever want to open Studio, Notepad, CF Admin or some other program in a single keystroke in Windows

If you want to open a program like CF Studio or the CF Administrator or just Windows Notepad in a single keystroke, it's remarkably easy. For all my years of experience with Windows I'm surprised I never noticed this before.

You just need to edit the properties for the shortcut to the program (a shortcut is simply what you choose to run the program on your Start>Programs menu, or your desktop, or in my computer/explorer, etc.). Just right click on the shortcut/icon, choose properties, and in the "shortcut key" field shown, press any desired keystroke combination. It will be reflected in that field (such as "Control + Alt + A" if you press those three at once). Press "ok" and you're set. That easy. Now when you press those keys, the program will open. Cool. (I know that there are jaded folks among you wondering what I'm so excited about, but those who prefer the keyboard over the mouse will revel in this if it's news to you too).

Just notice that it doesn't warn you if you're overwriting another shortcut. Indeed, if you press a shortcut that's already taken, it will simply execute that shortcut, even while the focus is in that field for choosing a new one. (At least CF Studio's own keyboard shortcut tool, under Tools>Customize>Keyboard Shortcuts shows you if a key you're choosing is already assigned to something else).

And these shortcuts seem to work from within any other program (even overriding those set for that program, it seems) which is a two-edged sword.

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