Sunday, November 24, 2002

Some interesting Oreilly articles about DW, Flash for developers

I try to make my blog more about new discoveries rather than simply point to others articles, but I came across a couple at the O'Reilly site that seem pretty interesting reading for CF developers wondering (or having to debate folks) about RIA and Flash's place in the big picture of web app development, and another about DW for developers.

The first is a digest of an email conversation between Tim O'Reilly and some of his editors at discussing Rich Internet Apps and Flash MX. Nice to see Tim generally defending the Flash/RIA vision. It doesn't end on the nicest of notes because of who they let have the last word, but overall an interesting read. Also see the comments from readers (just a few so far) at

(Sadly, these links are to generic "editor"and "comments" page and don't incorporate any date, so I suppose in a few weeks they will no longer point to the same article. Here is the Google cached version.)

As for DW for developers, one of the participants in that article, Bruce Epstein, had written "Dreamweaver: A Visual Tool for Serious Web Coders", which while it's about DW 4 and not WMX, it's still rather useful. The first sentences are enticing enough, "With over 20 years of programming experience, I am skeptical of visual Web development environments. Dreamweaver has made me a convert."

I've pointed out before that there are also several articles of that sort about DWMX, and getting into it as a developer who may feel challenged by it compared to Studio/HomeSite, at the MM DesDev site for DWMX. Check those out, too.

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