Thursday, October 10, 2002

Looking for Some Verity Docs?

Are you looking for more info to understand how CF's underlying Verity Search engine works? Whether for creating or searching them, there's lots more to it than is discussed in the CFML Reference or Developing CF Apps books in the CF docs.

I've come across some sites with interesting extended documentation. If you've not seen these they may be useful.

Before that, though, some may have noticed that in CFMX there is a new manual "Working With Verity Tools". That's certainly worth a look, particularly for the coverage of using Verity Spider searching. See it at

But beyond that, there is also a complete set of HTM-based Verity docs at This is just the docs at a particular site that's posted them. There are other places that have posted them, in case these every disappear. Do a google search for "Collection Building Guide" to find such links. This particular link offers several docs related to Verity processing.

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