Friday, October 11, 2002

Running the updater

Well, I've waited a few weeks to install the updater and while I've heard of some problems none seem so grave so I've installed the updater (

It went well, though while it reminds you to stop the CFMX service and the release notes tell you to also stop the CFMX ODBC Services as well as restart all of them after the updater is done, it's easy to forget to start those ODBC Services which could lead you to think something went wrong with the install (I did, and none of the datasources were working correctly until I figured that out).

I was disappointed to see that the udpater did not fix the problem I raised in my June 2002 article on the new server-side redirect, with the getpagecontext().forward() method. It still does not work if a forward is attempted from a form action page. Grr.


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